Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 6

Natalie finally gets her job at Mcdonalds. With ehr first paycheck, her and Agusten go on a little vacation. On this vacation Natalie tells Agusten that he should really become a writer, and she also says that she would want to be a singer. Soon after their vacation, Natalie and Agusten move out together. They buy their own apartment and go to the same college after Agusten passes his GED. Agusten soon withdraws from school. A week later his Deirdre called him and they decide to meet up. Deirdre seemed sane to Agusten. She claimed that Dr. Finch had been manipulating her with drugs and medication. He had been perscribing her medication that she didn't need. She said she isn't going to talk to any of the Finches anymore. Agusten can't take all the pressure and moves into his own apartment permanently.

Overall, I thought the book was really interesting and unique. I think it's amazing that this guy actually lived his life like this and wrote about it, even though it's very controversial and graphic. I really liked the way that Agusten writes. The book made me laugh even though I felt bad that he had to go through all of this. I think it's really cool that he grew up in such a different way, because that makes him think differently from everyone else and I admire that about him. I thought the plot was really good, even though it was really confusing at times.

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