Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 1

In the beginning of the book, Agusten is nine years old. He likes to dress up in his mom's clothes. His mom (Deirdre) is a poet and she thinks that she is going to be famous someday. This chapter pretty much shows how Agusten isn't really a normal kid, and it shows that his mom is more interested in her own career than her child. In chapter 2 it talks about Agusten's dad, who is a math professor. He is an alcoholic. He and Deirdre have a really bad relationship. Agusten rarely spends time with his father. It also tells us more about how Agusten likes to do abnormal things like pretend to play a doctor on T.V. and play with his mom's jewelry. A big event was when Deirdre and his father got into a fight. His dad tried to strangle Deirdre and she cut his head open pretty bad. Deirdre decides to get a family councelor, named Dr. Finch. Agusten makes friends with Dr. Finch's receptionist, whose name is Hope. Hope is also Dr. Finch's daughter. Eventually Deirdre and Agusten's dad get divorced. Agusten and his mom move to Amherst. Soon after they moved, Deirdre's visits to Dr. Finch get longer and happen more often. One day when Agusten asks about a small room in the back of the doctor's office, Dr. Finch tells Agusten that the room is his "Masturbatorium". Agusten talks to Hope about it and tells her it's disgusting. Hope says that it's a perfectly natural thing. When Agusten asks Hope why she isn't married she tells him it's because she hasn't met anyone as wonderful as her father. That pretty much tells us that Hope is in love with her dad. A little while after the visit to the Masturbatorium, Deirdre takes Agusten to go see Dr. Finch's house. The house is worn down and shabby. Once Agusten's mom leaves to go talk to Dr. Finch, he makes friends with more of Dr. Finch's daughters, Vickie and Natalie. Eventually Agusten goes to find his mother. When he does, Dr. Finch tells him that his father is trying to kill him and his mother, so Deirdre will go live in a hotel and Agusten will stay with the Finches.

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