Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 5

Dr. Finch, Neil, Agusten, Hope, and Dorothy all go visit Deirdre at the mental hospital she's staying at in Rhode Island. Deirdre is still crazy. Dr. Finch takes interest in a nurse at the hospital, and she comes home with them when they take Deirdre home. Agusten still thinks that Deirdre is insane. Pretty sure I do too. Soon after they get back to the Finches, Neil runs away to New York. Hope and Agusten to to Greenwich to try and find him, but they never did. Neil dissappeared out of Agusten's life. He tries to find another boyfriend but gets rejected. At the same time, Natalie is getting depressed because the house keeper, Agnes, said that she was fat. Natalie and Agusten spend $40 at Mcdonalds and eat their hearts out.

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