Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 3

In this section Dr. Finch makes a fake suicide attempt for Agusten so he can legally stop going to school. Agusten ends up going to a mental ward for 2 weeks. This gives him time to think about him and Neil. Evantually they end up becoming lovers. After he gets out of the hospital, Deirdre tells Agusten that Dr. Finch will become his legal guardian, because she is unfit to raise him because of her lesbian relationship. Also in this section we learn that Agusten wants to be a cosmetologist. He gets a lot of advice from Katie, the most normal of Dr. Finch's children. In the next few chapters, a lot of bizarre things happen with the Finches. Natalie and Agusten destroy the kitchen ceiling and put in the pantry window as a skylight, leaving a 7 inch gap of air. At one point Dr. Finch believes that God is communicating with him through poop. He goes on "reading" all his poop for messages from God until a bout of constipation. Also, Hope's cat dies. She thinks that she buried the cat alive, but really it died because she trapped it in the basement without food or water.

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