Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 4

In this section, Neil's attraction to Agusten becomes obsession. He writes Agusten a 16-page love letter. Agusten is a little freaked but likes the attention. Deirdre ends her lesbian relationship with the first woman and moves on to Dorothy, who is another one of Dr. Finch's pacients. Also, the IRS starts threatening to seize Dr. Finch's house, which puts Hope under a lot of stress. One day when Natalie and Agusten go to take a walk, they come back and Hope claims that she made a soup with her dead cat's body. Even though that's disgusting, everyone laughs about it and they have a group hug. To raise money so they can keep the house, the Finches have a yard sale. They decide they like their lawn and start to live on it for a while. Agusten begins to spend half of his time with the Finches, and half of the time with his mom. One night he went to his mom's and she started throwing dishes at him and called him a Nazi. He called Hope, who called the police and the police took Deirdre away.

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