Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 2

As Agusten spends more time with the Finches, he stops being so uptight. He starts smoking. Agusten is now older and has found out that he is gay. He tells Hope, who introduces him to her 33 year old gay adopted brother, Neil. Agusten and Neil go on a walk together. Agusten also starts to skip school. One day while he was skipping, he walked in on his mother having sex with another woman. After she rambles for a while, she convinces Agusten to accept her lifestyle. Also in this section it focuses on the Finches and their weird lifestyle. Dr. Finch encourages his family to fight because he thinks it's the core of mental illness. People are always yelling in his house. It also tells us about how Dr. Finch is cheating on his wife with 3 other women openly and his wife doesn't like that very much. In chapter 9 Agusten's older brother, Troy is introduced. He makes guitars for the KISS. In chapter 10 it describes Agusten's first sexual encounter with Neil. He performs oral sex on Neil.

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