Wednesday, November 28, 2007

reacton section two

So his parents died in a car acident and it was almost the sadest thing ever. I felt so bad for him. He droped out of school. His parents lefted him with nothing no money no home no family. He is lost he doesnt know what to do or where to do. He ends up leaving class in the middle of a test well finals and he didnt even start and he is not going to pass. He doesnt have to money to pay for school anyway but he left and he walked and he didnt know where is was and he rain after a train and like jumped on it and there were 4 men in the wagan he got on. They were all drunk and tried to throw him off the train and kill him! But Camel saved him and took him under his wing which was good or he was be dead. He ended up getting on a curcis train and now they are going to make him part of it. It is really good action packed!

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